A Weekend’s Lesson for a Lifetime


The past weekend marked the coming of a new era for Singapore as we bidded our final farewell to our founding father. It also reunited a nation from the strife of growing pains of progressing as a developed nation. I have never been more proud to call Singapore my homeland, knowing that the benefits and knowledge we reap today is a lifetime’s work and hardship sowed by past generations.

It reminded me that we can still stand together as one people, in spite of differences, to acknowledge how our lives could have been so different with the slightest twist in fate. That everyone, young and old, can show gratitude to a man and to a country which have given us so much to appreciate.

And last but not least, it showed me that we are a resilient nation – built on a bedrock of steadfastness sprinkled with a dash of good old Asian tradition.

Singapore may not be the place I will stay forever, but will always be the place I draw my values from.


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