The Concept of Love

Falling in love is the easy part. When you first get those feelings, the excitement can propel you to look past anything, As the honeymoon phase wears off, reality starts to set in. 

Here’s the thing though, you decide what you want that reality to be. A wise counselor told us love isn’t a feeling; it’s a decision. You decide to love and stay in love.

Feelings come and go, but when you wake up and decide to honor your vows, you’re choosing love. When you decide you would rather die than betray the person you committed to, you are deciding to love.

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Circle of Control

Circle of control is something oft repeated and associated with mindfulness. With the whole zen/minimalism/happiness shebang, I’ve came to a realization a couple of days ago. And like most things that happens to hit me in the face, it happened at the most random of times – I was walking to my commute. The only […]

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